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Cap Garde

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Out to the rocks

The area of Cap de Garde is a obligatory excursion if you have time to spend while visiting Annaba. Cap de Garde is principally a place to visit for the views that can be seen from here. The trip from Annaba leads you past a long beach, so that this trip could easily tempt you into using the entire day.
En route you might pass the mountains that starts just inland from the coast, where the village of Saraidi, at an elevation of 900 metres in the middle of an oak forest, and with magnificent views, is high on most travellers' list. The Massif de l'Edough nearby, is used for walking. If you continue along the coast from Cap de Garde, you'll get to the charming fishing village of Chetaïbi.

Eat and Sleep
LexicOrient does not know of any hotels or restaurants out here, so returning to Annaba is the best solution for most travellers.

Buses will bring you most places, but note that most of them are not very frequent, so you will need to ask around and plan ahead.

By Tore Kjeilen