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Bni Ounif

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Tiny and dull

Bni Ounif is the border town for travellers coming from Figuig in Morocco (presently closed), an oasis like Figuig but far smaller, and a great disappointment for those crossing through the border valley of palms and winding roads. Nobody stays in Bni Ounif, and the landscape, it be in northern or southern directions, is once again the main attraction.
While travelling south to Bechar, there wil be many traces of French actions during the Algerian fight for independence. Forts and barbed wire (now mostly in rolls) follow the border to Morocco, and was there as part of a strategy to prevent help coming from sympathizers in Morocco.

Eat and Sleep
At the present, it is nothing here to find in respect of hotels, while there should be a couple of very simple restaurants.

Train is virtually the only good solution, as buses only pass through Bni Ounif, and then full. But there are few trains, one each day, and most likely earlier in the day than you will be able to get into Algeria. Sounds problematic? Well it is.

By Tore Kjeilen