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Administrative town

Bechar, Algeria

Bechar, Algeria

Béchar is the largest town in the western part of Algerian Sahara, and the administrative centre of the Saoura region. That's more or less it. A place to stop, use as a base, stock up on food. But there is nothing at all to see here.

Eat and Sleep
OK on hotels, ranging from from beds to three star hotels. Even a youth hostel. Eating should be no problem, some restaurants in addition to what the hotels have to offer.

Air port with connections to Adrar, Algiers, Annaba, Ghardaïa, Oran and Tindouf. Bus connections to all likely destinations, most of them try to use the evening and night for the journey. slow train up to Mohammadia. Taxis to Bni Ounif and Adrar.

By Tore Kjeilen