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1. Casbah

2. The mosques

3. Madame Afrique

4. Citadel

5. The museums

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Madame Afrique

Notre Dame d'Afrique, Algiers, Algeria

This brings quite a bit of different styles to mind - but beautiful it is not!

Notre Dame d'Afrique

Decorated for Christmas.

Opened in 1872, the Notre Dame d'Afrique was an attempt to create a new form of Europe-meets-the-Orient architecture. The result is such that it makes the cathedral of Tunis emerge as quite successful.
The main source of inspiration was Byzantine church architecture. The church was built where two French women placed a statue of Virgin Mary, a statue that was crowned "Queen of Africa" by the pope in 1876.
The church is located to a plateau, 120 metres above the sea.

By Tore Kjeilen