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The water channels

Adrar's main attraction must be the strange organisation of the town. In the middle there is a meaningless big square,- it cannot be used to anything beyong parades that hardly ever take place anyway. And out here in Sahara, big open squares are the worst thing there is, nowhere to hide from the sun.
There are easy to find traces of the old system of underground water channels. These traverse the entire oasis, and shall in the times before modern systems were implemented, have been as long as 2,000 km in this area alone.

Eat and Sleep
Two hotels of OK standard, as well as a youth hostel. Eating is more or less in the same places as where you sleep.

Air flights to Borj Mokhtar (border town to Mali,- check with the authorities in Adrar before setting out), Algiers, Gharda´a, Oran and Tamanrasset. Quite good bus connections to most likely destination. Taxis serve in particular the destination of Timimoun.

Going Next
800 km south: MALI (Borj Mokhtar)
500 km east: In Salah
250 km northeast: Timimoun
250 km northwest: Kerzaz

By Tore Kjeilen